BCGEU Structure

BCGEU Constitution and bylaws

BCGEU Financial Manual

Constitutional Convention

The BCGEU Convention is the policy-making body of the union. Once every three years, the union holds a convention of delegates elected from all its locals and affiliates. Convention delegates decide on policies for the union. These are presented and discussed in the form of resolutions submltted by the components, locals and provincial executive. These policies, once adopted by convention, become part of the overall mandate of the union.

Recent conventions:

Provincial Executive

The Provincial Executive is the governing body of the union between conventions. There are two full-time officers and four vice-presidents.


The union's component structure was established when bargaining rights in the public service were finally granted by legislation in 1974.

Regions and Areas

Each BCGEU component is divided into Locals. The local is the fundamental unit of union structure.


The union has committees of activists working on human rights, environment, health and safety and many other issues.


The union employs over 180 servicing and clerical staff in 12 area offices across the province and at the Burnaby head office.